Falling Feathers Scarf

It’s done!

I wasn’t really up to weaving anything that required memory and focus between cataract surgeries, so I didn’t touch this scarf for about a month. A couple of day before my second surgery I finished weaving it, and on the day after I cut it from the loom and tied the fringe.

It’s a bit uneven in places, where I beat harder or softer depending on my mood. I like the pattern and want to weave it again in colours that are more ‘me’. I’d also like to weave the draft I meant to weave originally, too, but both ideas will have to go down the end of a very long list of weaving projects I want to do.

One thought on “Falling Feathers Scarf

  1. It’s lovely! Reading between the lines, the 2nd surgery has also gone well. Wonderful!

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