Braided Spectrum Rag Rug

It’s done and I love it:



When I got 3/4 of the way through I started putting it out of sight, not wanting to finish it too quickly, but it’s such good de-stressing activity that I’d soon pull it out for some more therapeutic braiding. Finally, when I wanted the satisfaction of finishing something, I wove on to the end.

The Jean Jeany Rag Rug is still going, so I have braiding to turn to when I need a non-thinky project.

2 thoughts on “Braided Spectrum Rag Rug

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Did you weave it on a loom? The big loom? (We have put an ad on Craig’s list to sell my big loom…. 🙁 )

  2. No, it’s all hand braided. It’s a shame you’re selling the loom, but they do take up a lot of space and you need time to dedicate to learning how to use one. And you can’t use them while watching tv of a night. There are plenty of smaller, less time-consuming options as well – the folding rigid heddle looms are great fun and don’t take up much space.

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