Yarn Banquet

I’ve been buying yarns. Weaving yarns!

It’s not that I couldn’t keep weaving with knitting yarns, but the yarn in my stash tends to dictate what sort of projects I attempt. Having more ‘weaving’ yarns in there will inspire me to explore in new directions.

However, cones of yarn are expensive! Particularly so if you buy them from outside of Australia. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered anything from the US, and yikes! Postage is incredible! Unfortunately, there aren’t many shops selling weaving yarn in Australia, and with not a great deal of overlap in yarns they have available there’s little competition in prices.

So I’ve been trawling eBay and googling intently. My first score was $50 worth of sample cones from eBay:


There are some interesting yarns in there, though I’ve put aside the ones with mohair in them to give away at the next weaving class.

Next I discovered in a round-about way that the shop I’d recently bought a book of Saori garment designs from, Curiousweaver, sells yarn. I typed in ‘weaving yarns’ and specified Australia in Google, and up came a rainbow of colour that led me back to her site.

I grabbed a three pack of wool yarns:


And one of the packs of coloured cotton – perfect for that colour gamp project I’ve been wanting to weave for ages – for around $17 a cone.


Of course, buying this much yarn did more than fill up the space I had left in my yarn storage tubs, so I had to get creative:


My craft room feels more like a weaver’s studio now.

I think I have enough yarn now. Of course, I’ll probably stumble on a pile of yarn going free or incredibly cheap now. And I won’t be able to resist.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Banquet

  1. Well done for finding somewhere local for weaving yarns. People in at the guild are always on the lookout for sources.

  2. Do you know Yarn Barn? http://www.yarnbarn.com.au/ They list weaving yarns – anything of interest there? I haven’t tried their knitting yarns so I don’t know what their quality is like, but they had some gorgeous-looking silk and other stuff at the knitting fair in Coburg last year.

    • I’ve seen them at Bendigo Sheep Show, but I’ve not been for a few years not. I remember a lot of loosely spun cakes of wool. Looking at their site, they have more range now. The cones look tempting! Thanks for pointing them out.

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