Recently I had to move my author blog to a new hosting company, because the old one wasn’t going to upgrade their servers so that they could support the most recent, more secure version of WordPress. In my hunt for a new host company, I found one with a domain name hosting plan for $6.95 a month, less than a quarter of the price of the old, and would host additional domain names on the same plan for just an extra $9.95.

Before I transferred the domain name I got rid of my old illustration website and painting gallery site. I put a smaller selection of illustrations onto the “The Telltale Art” page and my artwork into the “Painting Gallery” page in the menu above. You can also find links to them in the sidebar.

I’d also like to try a new theme, but so far everything has worked and I don’t want to push my luck. Last time I tried to change my theme the blog disappeared, and I had to reload it.


It was fun, but now it’s done. I’ve enjoyed my month of daily blogging, and discovered a few new blogs to follow on the Blogtoberfest page. It was lovely to see my crafty blog friends posting more often, too.

I usually post about two or three times a week, depending on whether I have any craft or art projects to blog about. To increase it to a post a day mostly meant breaking some posts down into two or three. I took more in-progress photos too, which is something I did more often when this was a knitting-only blog. After all, knitting is slow and if I’d only blogged when I finished something I’d blog twice a month. I also wrote a few filler posts when I had the time – like the lizard one – and had them ready for when case I ran out of things to blog about or time to write new posts.

Looking back on my posts, I certainly lived up to the name of this blog. I wrote about machine and hand knitting, furniture renovating, refashioning, drawing, cookie baking, jewellery making, bead weaving, paper beads, origami, stamp making and wrapping paper printing. I didn’t write about two of my main hobbies, weaving and bookbinding, which seem to have taken a back seat lately, or gardening, or home decorating projects. I suspect I gravitated toward crafts that could produce something interesting quickly and provided lots of good photos, and now I will shift back to more time-consuming ones.

I also organised more creative time in my schedule, arranging to have a few weekend days free and even getting my butt into the studio for a few evenings. I’d like to continue with both, but realistically I doubt I can. My day job tends to suck up a lot of my creativity and my back and hands need a rest in the evenings.

In the past I’ve watched month-long blogging commitments come and go, and the one effect they always have is that many bloggers who signed up in the hopes that they’d get into the habit of blogging more end up not blogging at all when the commitment is over. I’ve also found that blogging every day actually seems to reduce the chance of anyone commenting on a post, as most visitors don’t drop by every day and may not have time to catch up on a pile of posts.

So I’m happy to go back to my two to three times a week habit. However, I’m going to be doing a bit of travelling in November, so there’ll be longer gaps between my posts than usual – and I don’t think I can convince Paul to guest blog in my absence. But I might see if I can set some blogs to auto-post. If I have anything left to write about!