Fidget vs Focus

The sewing I’ve done this year has been different to the occasional bunches of projects over the last decade. I’ve taught myself how to sew stretch fabric, done some challenging refashions and sewn more handwoven fabric than ever before.

My aim had been to have well made clothes from organic cloth, but the long-term benefit of that has been getting my sewing mojo back. You see, when I was in my 20s sewing was my main hobby, but I pushed myself too hard and wound up hating and avoiding it. Then in my late 30s I discovered refashioning, which was a great way to get back into sewing because it isn’t making a garment from scratch so there’s often a lot of construction already done.

This renewed enthusiasm is a much quieter thing than the obsession I had as a young sewer. Recently, I judged it enough to upgrade my machines. My Jenome is great, but it isn’t strong enough to sew many layers of fabric. My overlocker is good, but it has only three threads so only sews the edge, not the seam. I’ve also found that the stretch seams sewn with a double needle on the sewing machine keep breaking, and I concluded that the only way to get the quality I want is to use a coverstitch machine.

Of course, being locked down meant ordering without trying, so I did my research and aimed for robust machines. Which meant heavy machines I don’t want to be hauling out of the cupboard when I use them. To set them up permanently, some shuffling of the craft room furniture was required. Which led to a review of all the crafts I do, whether new, current and old.

That inevitably turned my attention to the Passap knitting machine. I searched for the email from the seller and was shocked to discover I’d bought it nearly ten years ago. I probably only used it regularly for the first year. The main reason I bought it was to make socks, of which I made a few then stopped because I already had so many socks.

I’ve used the Bond over and over, and it can be packed away into its carrier, so it’s well worth keeping. But I think the Passap has to go. Ironically, it’s home isn’t in the craft room, so selling it has no bearing on the furniture shuffling except to empty the cupboard of the magazines and parts that came with it.

Of course, selling it will have to wait until after lockdown ends. Even if I found someone willing to hire a courier, I can’t get out to collect the packaging needed.

Current Likes/Wants

Short dressy boots
Colourful tights
Striped socks
A dress for the Aurealis Awards
The infinity dress
Paint-dipped furniture and wooden kitchen utensils
Macrame owls
90s ethnic-inspired music
My new knitting machine
An inkle loom
Pinterest (I’m there as Trudi Canavan)
An ultrasound machine (yes, the RSI flared up again)

Current Likes/Wants

I just found this draft post I began back at the beginning of January. It’s just a list:

Things made from books and maps, especially jewellery
Travel-sized products
Paint applied with a big old brush, or a roller
Cookie cutters
Cats, especially Slinky
Dip-dyed cloth, dip-painted stuff
Big, soft cotton shawls than can be used as scarves or blankets
Black throw pillows
A laser cutting machine
An inklette loom
A circular sock machine

It didn’t seem worth posting, but I left it because it might make an interesting sidebar item that evolved with time. Or something.

I didn’t think a list like that would change much, but I’m surprised to find I’d like to write a new list. A fresher one with new likes and wants. It would go like this:

Pencil drawings
Artwork of shoes
Colour blocking
Spray tan
Machine knitting
Card weaving
Turban headbands
Words with friends

So, what the heck, I’ll see if this becomes some kind of regular blog thing, that I do once a month or so.