The Hostes Swift Da Mostest

The 80s party went really well. Most of my guests put together fabulous costumes, and we partied until 3am.

Among the gifts were a few crafty related ones:

The swift was from Mum & Dad, who always get me to choose something for my birthday. I have a vintage metal swift, but it’s often too small for the skeins I buy, so this Ashford swift is going to save me from the creative and often very slow alternatives I’ve been using.

The yarn is from a couple who went to an elderly relative and asked for yarn from the 80s. She gave them three balls of commercial mystery wool, and two of her own handspun. All in coordinating greys. I think this is an adorable idea and very thoughtful gift. (The bowl is also another present that had me marvelling at how well the gifter had picked up on my taste.)

I was very excited at the prospect of a gift from my very talented friend Margaret, the creator behind Konstant Kaos. This sketching compendium is beautiful and innovative – just like the rest of her work. Gorgeous fabric, nifty details like the matching button, and so professionally designed and made.

It contains water-soluble pencils and a pad of watercolour paper, and some good quality paint brushes. I keep patting it every time I walk past, promising that I will make time to use it soon. Thanks Margaret!

And from another of my brilliant and creative friends, Beky of Pivotal Xpressions gave me a bookbinding book, which has some awesome example books as well as instructions for the different binding methods, and the most hilarious knitting book I’ve seen – which deserves to be featured in a post of its own. Thanks Beky!