Endless Stocking Stitch

As predicted, the knitting is crawling along. First, Amethyst:

Which is mainly stocking stitch. That first sleeve seems to have taken for-e-ver, despite the fact that it’s all I’ve been knitting. But I don’t get more than an hour or so of knitting per night now. Just the during the news, if I’m not eating dinner.

Second, Dad’s Socks:

Which I frogged back to the toe after taking this photo. The stitch pattern, while simple, made for a rather lumpy, thick fabric, and I know Dad won’t like that. So back to plain stocking stitch for these, too. It’ll be better for travel knitting, too.

(Oh, that’s right. They’re blue. I decided against grey. Blue is more his colour. And I have reinforcing thread in blue, but not grey.)