Celtic Cable Neck Warmer

Hey look! A FO!

It’s the Celtic Cable Neckwarmer by Lindsay Henricks, knit with Eki Riva Casual. The alpaca yarn works for this, despite the lack of memory, because the neckwarmer sits in place and doesn’t require elasticity to stay put.

After I finished this I started another scarf, which I’m calling “Tassle”.

Not following any pattern, but it’s inspired by Donyale’s Silky Scarf which was her take on Jonna by Norah Gaughan. The basic scarf is such a simple and basic shape, it’s probably been done many times before, but a good idea is worth repeating, right? I cast on four stitches and kept increasing every second row until I was satisfied with the width, then it’s just ribbing until it’s time to start decreasing.

I’m going to put a single tassle on each point. Maybe with a bead. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Celtic Cable Neck Warmer

  1. Cute idea! I'll have to remember that one when I'm teaching increases and decreases in my knitting class.

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