Weaving Update

During the week I finished the Bendigo Neon scarf:

Then I put on a double length warp of sock yarn to weave the two hand dyed yarns shown below.

I wove one scarf:

Which I must admit was a bit boring to weave. I started on the brown-blue version and it just didn’t excite me. The idea then came that I could do a painted warp scarf with this yarn. So I unwove what I’d done. That left me with a scarf’s worth of blue warp still on the loom. I looked at what was left over from previous scarves, picked up a ball of grey yarn and decided to weave it in alternate shots with the warp yarn.

Thick and thin. It makes an interesting grid pattern. This made scarf #5.

I finished it yesterday. I’d already wound the hand dyed yarn onto the warping board to line up the colour changes.

It was in danger of being a rather short scarf, however, once it was cut from the loom. So I used a little trick I’d seen on another blog to reduce loom waste.

And then I got weaving.

But slowly, as I have the flu and it’s so unpleasant that I’m doing something I almost never do: taking the full dose of Codral. My body tends to overreact to mediations, you see. So I’d definitely not in any shape to operate heavy machinery right now.