A stitch here, a stitch there. A bit of frogging and a bit of weaving. That’s what it’s been like around here this week.

My latest personal sock club socks haven’t been progressing much. I’d only managed to get a short way along the foot of the first one. Last night I tried it on, found it was too big anyway, so frogged it back to the toe.

Then I decided that maybe I was a little tired of plain socks. But I still wanted them to be stocking stitch for easy transportable knitting. My mind kept going to That Book. You know, the one that drove me nuts and resulted in socks that won’t go over my heels after a few wears and washes. Yep, the New Pathways book. What if I kept to stocking stitch, but tried a different construction?

So I fetched the book and flicked through. No way was I going to try and follow a pattern again. It would be easier to just look at a sock, work out how it was done, then just knit. I settled on a sock that has the decreases along the sole. And it turns out that means following my usual pattern, but flipping it over when I get to the heel.

I’ve also started a crochet project. It’s a biggie: a sampler blanket. I’ve made three squares so far:

It’s supposed to be a project that I pick up now and then, when I’m feeling like a bit of crochet. Knowing me, I’ll suddenly get finishitis and do most of it in one hit.

My main project, Alex, is coming along nicely:

I’ve knit the fronts and back and sleeves, and I’m up to the collar. But the collar is huge and will take while, and I’m not in the mood to rush it.

The charity scarf weaving continues. I’m onto my fifth, and keep finding more yarn to use up, including some handspun and leftover Bendigo Alpaca. I’ve also ordered some organic cotton from Eco Yarns that will hopefully work as warp for the organic cotton in my last post (and some other yarns might have jumped into my cart, too). I’ll report on that, and my weaving progress, in another blog post.