A Week In Perth

I was right: I did run out of socks #3 to knit while I was out of town.

Personal Sock Club Sock #3 was knit with Lang Jawoll yarn, which came with spools of reinforcing thread. The thread, knit doubled with the sock yarn, made the toe and heel extra squishy. I like it. (But I bet when I wear though these socks it’ll be in the foot section.)

Sock Club Socks #4 only got to the toe of the first sock, however. It was a pretty hectic trip. There wasn’t much opportunity for shopping, either. No yarn store visits, I’m afraid, but I did pick up this book in Boffins:

I like Wendy’s sense of style. I like methods that eliminate seaming, and allow a garment to be tried on as you make it. I also like a book that encourages customisation. This scores a tick in all three boxes.

When I got home this year’s Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card was waiting for me. They’ve replaced the old non-machine washable colonial and the machine-washable baby yarn with a new ‘Luxury’ yarn that is machine washable, comes in 4 and 8ply (and 3 and 10ply in limited colours), and is a twist construction rather than a cable. It’s a big change for Bendy and the only down side I can see is that a good felting yarn with a wide range of colours has been lost. (But I don’t knit things to felt very often anyway.)

Now that I’m home I’m looking forward to quiet nights of knitting and relaxing weekends of weaving. But I’m not sure how long I’ll get away with that, as do have a looming work deadline. And another trip coming up in June. This year has certainly been a busy one travel-wise!

Hope you had a great long weekend filled with crafty goodness.

One thought on “A Week In Perth

  1. I always wear my socks through on the foot too – well the two pairs I’ve worn through in total….

    Love the plain, simplicity of those socks. Not so sure how I feel about the big change for bendigo yet.

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