FOs of 2008

My knitting resolution for this year was to knit less! I’m not sure I have. Let’s see…

I’ve made:
5 full size garments
3 vests
9 hats
10 scarves/neckwarmers
4 gloves/mittens
11 pairs of socks
7 blankets/rugs
5 baby bibs
6 washcloths
1 set placemats
4 bags
2 wrist rests
pieces of fabric
1 evil builder voodoo doll
68 items

Which looks like a lot. But 20 of those items were woven. Still, it amazes me to realise I knit as many garments and vests as last year, when I’d thought I wouldn’t have the time. There are less socks but more accessories in this year’s list, which is an interesting but not unexpected shift. After all, I lost my sock knitting mojo last last year, and so invented Sockless Summer, in which I endeavoured to use up sock yarn on anything but socks for me. And I had a review of my accessories early in the year and indulged myself filling the gaps.

Garments: Starsky, Ribbed Wrap Jacket, Swizzle, and Lime & Violet were all successful knits. Summer Nights knit up well, though it took ages, but I’m yet to see if I get much use out of it. The Mitre Vest was fun to design and knit, despite taking a long time. The Glamour Vest doesn’t hold it’s shape too well – the ruffles are a touch too heavy, but I do like it.

Accessories: The Stone Path Hat had me learning to crochet cables. I also discovered how much fun fair isle was when knitting Corazon for a swap recipient, which led to the Pirate Mittens and Endpaper Mitts and Tam. And with Le Slouch I found a love for slouchy tam/beret hats.

Socks:After Sockless Summer was over I did return to sock knitting, and still managed to churn out another ten pairs of socks. But that was helped along by a growing dislike of complicated sock patterns. I just want something simple and portable, and patterns like that tend to be fast.

Homewares/baby stuff: 2008 saw me knitting for babies for the first time, thanks to a whole lot of friends doin’ the breeding thing. I managed to keep to my vow of not knitting children’s clothing or toys, though, by sticking to blankets and bibs. The Lullaby Baby Blanket earned me a bit of what the beau calls ‘micro-fame’ – favourited in Ravelry more than any other project I’ve put up.

The Kiwi Knee Rug is a favourite, knit as a souvenir of our trip from yarn I bought along the way. I love my Really Red Teapot Cosy, too. And the Green Fair Bag came out amazingly well.

Weaving: It’s been a big year for weaving, and not just because I bought a larger 4-shaft loom. I was also inspired by Weavecast, Weavezine and all the weaving bloggers I found to try new methods on the Ashford Knitter’s Loom as well: painted warps for the Painted Warp Scarf, warping and beating for a drapey fabric with the Drapey Scarf, clasped weft for the Wavy Scarf, log cabin for the Log Cabin Cloths, leno for the Charcoal Scarf, weaving with fibre for the Woven Roving Rug, and danish medallions for the Medallion Scarf. In fact, I think I’ve learned more weaving structures for the rigid heddle loom since I got the table loom!

Of all the weaving projects, I use the Drapey Scarf the most, and like the Eucalyptus Placemats best. Both plain weave, but with lovely texture. Still, the interaction of colour and structure in the Medallions Scarf, and the possibilities in the Sampler Scarf also excite me. I can see lots of interesting weaving experiments in my future.

Favourite fo: Swizzle. Wearable and fabulous. The Ribbed Wrap Jacket is a close second – it’s my most worn FO.

Least favourite fo: Swirled Pentagon Pullover. Would fit someone with freakish proportions. Frogged it.

Favourite yarns: The Knittery Chubby Sock, followed by Cleckheaton Country Silk. I also loved Cleckheaton Bamboo for its construction, but won’t use it again unless it comes out in 8ply.

Least favourite yarns: Jitterbug for felting on me!

Favourite patterns: Swizzle, closely followed by Starsky.

Most successful design effort: Chocolate Cashmere Gloves

Biggest stuff up: Swirled Pentagon Pullover.

Best recycling effort: Scrappy Socks!

Finally, my crafty resolutions for next year:

1) Knit and crochet from stash, focussing on those garments I have yarn and pattern for like Alex, Forestry and Top Down Fitted Jumper. Knit less socks and accessories.

2) Weave more, especially on the table loom.

3) Start painting and making artworks again. Try those ‘projects’ I’ve been thinking about for ages. Resin work. Miniatures. Collage. Printing. Get things framed. Get things hanging on walls. And blog about it!

For the records, and to clear the sidebar for next year, here are the links to my FOs of 2008:

  • Glamour Vest
  • Socks for the Beau
  • Chocolate Cashmere Gloves
  • Sock Yarn Sunhat
  • Bag in a Bag
  • Painted Warp Scarf
  • Mitre Vest
  • Rainbow Baby Blanket
  • Green Fair Bag
  • The Backup Bag
  • Evil Builder Voodoo Doll
  • Blue Jean Baby Blanket
  • Shadow Tweed Snake Scarf
  • Neon Hat
  • Stone Path Hat
  • Red Koolhaas
  • Sunflower Tam
  • Tilty Socks
  • Instant Gratification Socks
  • Ribbed Wrap Jacket
  • Charade Socks
  • Mildford Sound Hat
  • Le Slouch
  • Smooshy Socks
  • Kiwi Knee Rug
  • iTouch Cosy
  • Drapey Scarf
  • Pirate Mittens
  • Swirled Pentagon Pullover
  • Purple Table Runner
  • Corazon
  • Neck Cosy
  • Crosswalker Socks
  • Musical Baby Bib
  • Endpaper Mitts
  • Starsky
  • I Love Patonyle Socks
  • Endpaper Tam
  • Eucalyptus Placemats
  • Spiral Socks
  • Manly Scarf
  • Swizzle
  • Froot Loop Socks
  • Modern Cabled Baby Bibs
  • Cotton Neckwarmer
  • Lullaby Baby Blanket
  • Big Honking Button Hat
  • Pirate Washcloth
  • Really Red Teapot Cosy
  • Sampler Scarf
  • Wavy Scarf
  • Peri Peri Floor Rug
  • Log Cabin Cloths
  • Rainforest Socks
  • Charcoal Scarf
  • Woven Roving Rug
  • Baby Baby Blankets
  • Summer Nights
  • Wigglesworth Blanket
  • Lime & Violet
  • Scrappy Socks #4
  • Medallions Scarf
  • Tablet & Keyboard Wrist Rest
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    1. Whew… I’m exhausted! And some people think I make a lot in a year! Socks take me longer than a sweater. They are just too easy to put on hold, they’re so uninteresting.

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