More Jewellery

Two of those bracelets so popular at the moment. You know the ones. Tutorial here.

A piece of knitted wire made years ago as an experiment, that I didn’t know what to do with but too pretty to throw away. Bit of ribbon and some press studs, and shaping it into a ruffle = wire cuff bracelet.

Four lapis lazuli beads that I picked up somewhere. Not enough for a necklace, but with this simple but fancy clasp I bought at the Quilt and Craft Show they became a delicate bracelet.

When over in Perth a few years ago I discovered that some of the chokers I’d brought were now too tight. I bought a packet of different sized rings at a $2 shop, but the middle sized ones are low quality metal and bend too easily. What to do? Treat them like beads and thread onto a leather necklace base.

These were easy projects. I also started a necklace from the Japanese Beadwork book. While the directions are easy to follow, it’s slow work. And it seems the more jewellery I make, the more ideas I get for more. I’ve bought a few beading magazines and I’m madly pinning jewellery tutorials. I tell you what, polymer clay has come a long way since the 80s. And I’m even eyeing off Paul’s soldering iron and blow torch.