Craft & Quilt Fair

On Thursday, while at the Machine Knitters meeting, I learned that the Craft & Quilt Fair was on. Last time I went there was a cluster of jewellery-making stores down in the first aisles on the left. I still needed some findings, and I prefer to buy beads in person so I know exactly what colour I’m getting, so I figured it was worth going. But I wanted to spend Saturday on the knitting machine, I work on Sundays, and the fair wasn’t open in the evenings. So on Friday morning I hatched a plan: park in the 3 hour supermarket parking near the station, train into the city with Paul, be out of the Fair by 10:45am, train home in time to get to drawing class.

It all worked out, more or less, and it had unexpected benefits. I got there at 9:30 and walked straight in, whereas by 10:45 it was getting crowded inside and a very long queue had formed outside. I bought some of what I needed, and some interesting materials for new projects. Here’s the haul:

There are some seed beads and beading thread, some silver charms and the base for a scarf pendant and pretty clasps, and all the brass pendant and brooch bases are for a necklace inspired by this.

I also bought this book:

When I was a teenager I bought a beaded choker and bracelet made by an 80-year-old lady, and I’ve always wanted to learn how to make jewellery like that. This books has some beautiful designs and the instructions are very clear. I can see some beaded jewellery making in my near future.

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  1. I got bitten by the jewelry bug while out at my brother and Sister-in-law’s house. I’ve got two projects waiting to be finished. Just one more craft….

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