Machine Knit Gloves

So having established that I can make socks on the knitting machine, a month or so ago I started thinking about what else I can make a) on the machine and b) with 4ply yarn. The first thing to pop into my head was gloves. Which might have something to do with the weather (brrrr!).

The first pair aren’t technically gloves. They’re wrist warmers, made from one of the tubes of yarn I whipped up to make socks out of. It was too short for socks but ideal for wrist warmers.

The second are my first attempt to make a thumb gusset on the machine. It was fiddly, and the pair took me two hours – as long as the last pair of socks. But I know what I’m doing with the socks, so once I do a few pairs of gloves the process should speed up.

I took those to my second Machine Knitters meeting and they got a lot of interest. As they discussed how I did the thumb gusset the host, Libby, brought out a pair of full gloves – as in with fingers – and a pattern. So I snaffled a copy of the pattern and the following weekend gave it a try using Bendigo Classic 3ply.

I learned a whole lot doing these, including how to use pushers to get the machine to only knit stitches I want it to knit – in the round. The gloves are a teeny bit too small, but so are all commercially produced gloves so it’s not the pattern, it’s my hands.

But this means I can adjust the pattern and have knitted gloves that fit properly. Yippee!

3 thoughts on “Machine Knit Gloves

  1. I am impressed! Gloves are so fiddly even in hand-knitting and I imagine even more so on a machine (although I know next to nothing about how knitting machines work, so I may be wrong there.) But in any case, hooray for gloves that fit! Commercially produced gloves and mittens never fit me, either.

  2. Gillian – They’re about as fiddly on the machine as on the needles. The difference is that they’re a LOT faster on the machine!

    Jomamma – It’s a Passap Duomatic 80. They seem to be common second hand machines here. Are you tempted?

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