Craftonomicon, part two

The weaving demo I did at the convention was part of the Craft Market. I did manage to sneak away from my looms twice to look at the other tables and do a little shopping.

The belt bag instantly suggested itself as a handy place to tuck shuttles if I have two or more on the go. And the glass necklace with the feather is the sort of bold jewellery I love.

The previous day I did a workshop called Con Bag Craft, in which I planned to show how you could turn the contents of the con bag that you don’t want – usually brochures and promotional bookmarks – into useful items. I had expected to have two hours and was a little caught out to discover it only went for an hour. We only got through making a matchbook notepad and sewn notebook before we ran out of time.

But the six participants were happy to stick around through the lunch break and do the t-shirt refashion. They chose the more complicated backpack design and it wound up taking two hours, but nobody wanted to leave as they said they were having too much fun.

Eventually we had to go as the next panel was about to start. Later one of the participants proudly showed me her finished backpack – on her back. No better compliment!