Doing a Runner

This table runner will go on top of an old buffet cabinet in the guest room.

I’m going to warp up and make some matching bedside table mats, and perhaps some pillows, too. But I might do a few other small weaving projects first. I still want to weave that WWKIP day challenge yarn, and keep experimenting with the eucalyptus dyed handspun. You know, maybe I need to get a second loom…

On the knitting front, I have completed the first Crosswalker sock:

I’m not enamoured with the way the cuff sits, but I absolutely love the way the ‘v’ on top of the foot flows into the toe.

Yesterday I was in the city, so I popped into Cleggs. Lots of discounted yarn there… which I didn’t buy. But also some yarn I hadn’t seen before:

Paton’s bamboo/cotton blend yarn. I’ve been looking for a yarn to crochet baby blankets out of that isn’t wool (because it can’t be bleached) or contain acrylic (because it melts onto baby’s skin if it happens to catch fire). This yarn is too expensive to make an entire baby blanket out of, unfortunately, but I’ve been thinking that baby bibs might be a quicker, less expensive alternative. Or, at least, small enough to try out yarns on.

Patonyle! In the new labels, but not 100 grams skeins as I’d been told to expect the new yarn in. So is it the new Patonyle, or just the last batch that ACS had balled up to tide us over? I don’t think I’ve seen this pale blue-grey before.

It happens that the colour is just what I’m looking for for this:

Actually, the pattern calls for ‘slate’, ‘natural’ and ‘robin’s egg’. The dark aqua Patonyle is pretty close to the slate. This new blue-grey isn’t quite what I’d call ‘robin’s egg’ but I think it will work well enough.

Because I don’t really use mittens, I’m planning to make these into socks instead. I’ll knit the cuff first, see how stretchy it is, and if it isn’t stretchy enough for the foot of the sock I’ll just do stocking stitch from the heel down.

Only down side I can see at this point is having that song going ’round and ’round and ’round my head.

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