Blue Camel Scarf

Yarn: Crucci camel hair, from the stash I adopted years ago, overdyed by me
Loom: Ashford 4-shaft table loom
Weave structure: twill
Sett: 10 epi

The yarn was left over from the Simple Garter Vest I knit back in 2007. The blue is vibrant, so if I’d knit a hat or gloves to go with the vest it would have been way too ‘matchy-matchy’. But it’s lovely yarn and I was waiting for a worthy project. As I said in my last post about it, the yarn has enough shine to make the twill texture stand out. It’s also gloriously soft, and not too ‘sticky’ so the scarf drapes well.

I love it, and feel totally vindicated in deciding to weave what I want to, rather than just to use up stash faster.

I’ve also taken the houndstooth fabric off the rigid heddle and washed it. It didn’t felt as much as I’d hoped, so I’m considering running it through the wash again. Then I’ll probably put it aside to make into a bag another time. My main crafty priority is getting all my looms warped and ready for the convention I’m doing the weaving demo at early next month. I’ve warped up and started weaving on the mini inkle loom and I’m slowly warping up the table loom to make a ruana. But more about that in another post, when I have photos.