Back & Forth, Up & Down

After my stash cull, I chose a new project for the table loom:

Instead of selecting a project based on using up stash, I asked myself what I’ve been wanting to try and the answer was “twill using one colour”. Could I do that with yarn in my stash? This camel yarn left over from a vest sprang to mind. I’d overdyed it with this fabulous blue, and it had a shine to it that would help make the texture show up. There wasn’t much of it, so the only choice was a scarf. That just meant one less decision to make.

However, I stuck to my former plan of weaving some houndstooth fabric on the rigid heddle, from some yarn I bought in Canada:

The plan is to felt it a little, then sew it into a bag. I took this with me to a friend’s house last Saturday, and her daughter kept coming over to watch me weave. So I asked if she’d like to try a simple form of weaving, and we gathered together some yarn and straws. I got to try out a little modification to the method and see if a child her age had the attention span and dexterity for it. She scored a big tick for both, and enjoyed it enough to keep going when I had to stop weaving because my hand was starting to hurt.

My hand is a lot better now, though I don’t have full flexibility back in the wrist. The ice dipping seemed to do it a lot of good. I didn’t do it for ten days as recommended. After three days I felt as though I’d got all the benefit I was going to get, and interruptions every ten minutes just isn’t compatible with writing. If the RSI flares up again I’ll definitely do the ice dipping again, but I’ll keep a bucket of ice water next to my desk for easy access.

The Handknitter’s Guild is holding their annual fair tomorrow. Brunswick Town Hall 10am to 3pm. I’m thinking of going and hovering around the machine knitters’ table. I should get some oil for the Passap, and if the Handweavers and Spinners Guild have an inkle loom for sale it might just come home with me.