Finding ourselves in the northern suburbs of Melbourne the other day, the beau and I tracked down a few shops we hadn’t visited before. My choice was Artisan Books. Oh. My. I could spend a LOT of money there.

I bought these:

One which is beautiful and inspiring, and the other which is amusing and educational. I’m eyeing the lemon gum out the front of our neighbour’s house with renewed interest. And I have an even stronger itch to knit fair isle – more ambitious full sized fair isle garments.

I also learned that two books I’ve been itching to get – the Yarn Harlot’s latest and Cat Bordhi’s sock one – were on order. I so made arrangements for the manager to ring when they arrived, and told the beau to find a few more northernish Melbourne photography shops to put on his list.

One thought on “Booooooooooooks

  1. Oooh. I love new books — I’ve never heard of the Eco one before – does it teach you how to dye with plants? Is that why you’re eyeing your neighbours tree?

    I have only glanced through one Elizabeth Zimmerman book and it seemed way beyond me. I wanted to make a Tomten (like Brooklyn Tweed’s) and it was all math! My worst nightmare.
    I think I would have to start with something much simpler – or somehow move beyond patterns that spell everything out for me.

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