It’s Not You, It’s Me

Enough. I’ve frogged Summer Solstice one time too many, admitted defeat and put the yarn back in the stash. The pattern and all my notes and plotting out on graph paper are filed away.

What? I’ve been working on it for three months. Made seven attempts since I first bought the pattern. If I’d knit it by hand I’d have done it in half that time.

The grief I’ve had with this project has been 10% due to the pattern, 50% issues with the Bond, and 40% me making mistakes. Though I’ve fixed almost of that by simplifying the pattern, ‘fixing’ the machine to a price of wood, buying two- and three-prong transfer tools, and doing a lot of research and learning from the mistakes I’ve made… I think if I actually succeed in the next attempt I may never wear the darn thing because I’ll be sick of the sight of it.

In other news, my order from Bond finally arrived. Along with the accessories and a book of hints and tips, I bought this:

Which cranks out i-cord. Which is fun for about the first minute. But a lot less tedious than doing it by hand.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me

  1. I understand completely! I have several projects in the ‘Frog Pond’ that will be back in the stash this summer. Life is too short to not be knitting toward a finished object.

    • Exactly! Funny how when I was working on it I was convinced there was no better use for the yarn, but after re-stashing it other kinds of garments started to look plausible.

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