The Good, the Bad and the Vodcast

I’ve maxed out our monthly download limit.

How? Well, I took a fancy to watching the knitting vodcast, Lets Knit2gether, on the plane trip to New Zealand. Not wanting to lug a laptop with me, I lashed out on a iTouch (also a reward for finally, after fourteen months, finishing the book – yaaaay!). It’s the smallest iTouch memory-wise, but I figured I’d keep my music on my old nano and use the affectionately named ‘Grope’ for podcasts and vodcasts.

So, at home I discover I’m going to have to download squillions of megs worth of data to update my laptops operating system before I can upgrade iTunes before I can get Grope working. Having done this I decide to transfer already downloaded podcasts and episodes of Lets Knit2gether via USB so I don’t make further dints in the monthly limit.

I find I can transfer podcasts okay, but not vodcasts. So I subscribe and try downloading it. The episode downloads, but doesn’t appear in iTunes. After a few more tries I search for an explanation. The Lets Knit2gether site tells me that I have to do a special ‘advanced’ subscription or iTunes downloads windows versions of the eps. So I tried that … but it was at this point the monthly limit maxed out. We’re back on dial-up until the end of the month. Urk!

Needless to say, Grope will not be coming with me to New Zealand.

Nor will I be able to post pics for a while. This is annoying because I had things to show you:

The Ribbed Wrap Jacket is done. It fits, is comfortable and I hadn’t needed to worry that the two greys were too close for the difference in shade to show. The line where the collar attaches to the body is surprisingly flattering. Surprising because the pattern book doesn’t show this aspect, so it’s a bonus.

I bought some Mary Janes. This is amazing to me, because whenever I’ve tried on that style of shoe they’ve been extremely uncomfortable. But it seems that the trend toward sporty cushiony bits on the heels and such of shoes, which I lovelovelove, is making shoes I otherwise can’t wear accessible and comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them with my handknit socks.

And speaking of socks, I’ve nearly finished my Charades. Then I’m going to start some socks in Dream In Colour Smooshy. Haven’t decided on a pattern yet. I’ll see what inspires me when I start.

I found Vogue Knitting in the Forest Hill newsagent. It’s strange that I looked at it in Borders ages ago and decided I didn’t like anything in it enough to buy it. Now I rather fancy a few things.

The overlocker got a workout. I bought some pjs at Myer yesterday. They were being sold in cute little bundles tied with ribbons. I tried one pair on and assumed the rest were the same style and fit. When I got home I discovered two of the three sets were low riders. WHAT KIND OF CRAZY FREAK WEARS LOW RIDER FLANNELETTE PJS???? When else are you going to wear winter weight pjs but when it’s really cold and you don’t want your waist exposed? And in bed they’re either going to end up around your ankles or you’d get a wedgie rash from hitching them up all night.

So I dashed up to Lindcraft, bought some ribbing and added a 10cm waistband. Yep. 10cm. That’s how low they were. No wonder the darn things were on special.

3 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Vodcast

  1. ooh… you’ll have to “felt up” a cover for grope… geddit… it can be “felt up”…

    meh… it’s a sunday and I just spent all morning at a drizzly market with no sales. My sense of humour is a bit wack.

  2. Who on earth are you with to only have dial-up? Or is it limited to dial-up speed?
    NZ trip? Noice!
    Congrats on finishing the book. Hooray!

  3. They sell waist warmers to wear with the low riding jeans, but low riding pyjamas?? That’s weird. Congrats on finishing the book. Huzzah.
    I have just not kept up with the whole vod/pod/i-whatevers. I must either make an effort soon, or give up. Happy Trip!!! NZ is a great place to visit.

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