Scraps of yarn. Scraps of time. It’s amazing what you can do with either of them.

It’s been all about instant gratification here lately. And scrappy socks always deliver. Every time I knit a pair I’m amazed at how fast they are. And how much obsessive pleasure I get from choosing the next colour, and the next, and the next.

I haven’t forgotten the Charade socks.

They, too, are a lot of fun to knit. Now that I have the scrappy socks out of my system, I may make some progress!

5 thoughts on “Scraps

  1. I love the scrappy socks and I love the colors you combined. Makes me want to knit another pair.

  2. The scrappy socks are great and so are the giant green slug socks 🙂 You are inspiring me to go knit more socks, or at least go take pics of all my (USA) sock yarn and blushingly show it online.
    I gather I will have another book to read soon? 🙂

  3. Hi Trudi!! apologies for lack of commenting recently, which makes me late to say the following: how about the Anastasia socks? I too was after some simple socks for a pretty pretty yarn, and have the printout and ball ready to go….
    And I am wildly envious of your output! Oh, my feet, head and hands would be so happy if I could only envelop them all in handknit luxury….
    Happy countdown,,

  4. They look great – I am contemplating casting on my first ever pair of socks – you could have me addidcted so I have enough scraps to make a pair like these!

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