Second: the Patterns

Today I counted how many socks I could make out of my sock yarn stash, not counting using leftovers to make scrappy socks. The number was 24 pairs. And you know what my first thought was? Only 24. At my usual sock knitting rate, I’ll have that all knit up in only two years.

Then I started thinking about the Knittery‘s sock yarn. Mmm. But I’d like to get the sock yarn stash fitting into one tub (one of the larger ones, mind you) before buying more.

Anyway, after consulting my Ravelry queue, skimming Knitty and receiving one excellent suggestion in the comments (thankyou caroline!), I had a range of patterns to consider that were either a simple but interesting rib or stitch pattern, or sported a cable or other feature down the side.



Spring Cable


Froot loop

Fools Rush


(All non-Ravelry links.)

After I’d downloaded and/or printed all these, I suddenly realised that this was a new approach for me. I’ve printed sock patterns from Knitty before, but not downloaded independant designer’s free patterns. This is all thanks to Ravelry. It allowed me to find the patterns easily, through both searching the database for sock patterns and selecting ones I liked the look of, and also through seeing what my friends have queued or made. It was also reassuring to check other knitter’s experiences and find they’d had no problems with the patterns.

I’ve started Charade, and loving both the pattern and the yarn. The troublesome skein isn’t giving me any trouble now. I did have to frog and reknit the cuff, though, because the sock was too large, but that’s pretty normal for me.

For some strange reason I’m feeling an uncharacteristic urge to cast on all or most of these socks at the same time. I think it’s part of the madness of overwork. I haven’t had a weekend in months and I’m working most evenings. I’m behind on podcasts, gardening, tv shows, and visiting my parents. I haven’t seen a movie since Christmas. The most exercise I’ve had is walking downstairs a few times a day to get a cuppa, or up to the post office to pay bills.

I’ve been getting up an hour earlier, which gives me some time to check emails and blogs. It’s why I’m suddenly blogging daily (though I’m sneaking this one in before dinner so I can start working earlier tomorrow).

I should be finished in six or seven or eight days. I’m not just counting down the days, I’m counting the minutes.

One thought on “Second: the Patterns

  1. Sounds like you need a break! Great patterns – it’s wonderful to utilise the free stuff out there in the ether!

    Hope the minutes go by quickly for you.

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