Beginnings, Middles (But No Endings)

Last Friday I restarted life drawing classes, but at the suggestion of my teacher I concentrated on drawing the model’s face. It was as challenging as I expected, but I really enjoyed it, and it’s clear my teacher spent some time over the break thinking about how she would instruct me. Since I’m not drawing naked people, I can post pics here safely. But not last week’s. They weren’t very good.

It’s the first step in exploring portraiture. Though it’s not the first time I’ve done a portrait. I did one of my ex years ago as a gift for his parents. It was a lot of fun, and I was pretty chuffed with the result. Unfortunately, it’s the only painting I never got a photo of.

The Garage Project is chugging along. The car port was removed and taken by a guy (and his son) from Paul’s car club. We had a sliding door replaced with a swing door between the old garage and house. We’re just waiting for a permit and then the new garage can go in.

Heat and wanting a change of surroundings after days of rewriting and editing has kept me away from the loom and knitting machine so I have made slow progress. I did a few very small, very quick craft projects though, but I haven’t blogged about them for the same reasons.

I’m also between editing rounds right now, and taking the opportunity to get a few work-related tasks done. Today I drew more character sketches for the (no longer very secret) Sekrit Project and tackled my BAS (quarterly tax reporting). I’m hoping to write a short story or two. Thankfully, the forecast is for low 20s this week – and my back and hands are doing okay.