Wow, that week since my last post went quick. And yet, it seemed to go so slowly. I spent Monday and Tuesday tackling test reader corrections and comments on my ms. I was determined to get it all over and done with, so I worked on it longer than I should have. My back has been really sore ever since, and I’m getting flashes of heat in my right hand at the slightest exertion. It’s not been helped by hotter weather, which means I don’t sleep well, and seems to make my back and hand worse because I tend to swell up a bit in hot weather.

On Tuesday, the triumph of finally delivering the ms didn’t last long as the to-do list suddenly exploded with all the tasks I’d been putting off in order to dedicate time to the ms, tasks I have to do next on the ms, pre-Christmas/New Year preparation, summer chores around the house and garden, and the last few arty/crafty/diy projects that I haven’t given up on post RSI. I’m supposed to do all this, while not using my right hand. And I wouldn’t be doing much until my back healed up.

And then my editor emailed to say she’d send her feedback on the 15th.

Well, all I can do is knuckle down and try to get as much done as I can. It helped to sort the to-do list into ‘mail’, ’email & internet’, ‘shopping’, ‘work’ and ‘at home’ and then bold anything that involved using my hands a lot. By yesterday the ‘mail’ and ‘shopping’ lists were deleted. Today I’m hoping to tackle some of the ’email & internet’ and ‘at home’ items. Tomorrow it’s time to get stuck into some ‘work’ tasks.

Didn’t I have some weird idea I was taking a holiday in December?