Knitting Pattern Daydreams

Last weekend I picked up a few pattern books and magazines.

The books, for Patons Jet and Inca, were on sale at Kmart Burwood for just $6 each. While there’s no particular pattern I want to knit, there are examples of shapes and types of construction that have been fashionable in the last few years, so I snapped them up as patterns I could use as a base to start elaborating on. I do have a lot of Inca in the stash, too.

The magazines were unexpected purchases. I don’t buy Knitter’s magazine on a regular basis, but I’ll flick through when I see it and buy it if there’s anything interesting. The patterns that caught my eye were these:

Vogue Knitting was a ‘must buy’ for me, but lately the issues had left me feeling a bit ‘meh’. My last, painful attempt at knitting a VK pattern had brought some general critism for their patterns to my attention. I’d only ever knit one thing before that – unlike Interweave Knits, which I’ve knit several patterns from. Heck, I’ve knit more patterns from CrapaciousCreative Knitting than VK.

So I did the flick-through thing expecting to be unimpressed… and ended up buying it anyway. Because of these:

White aran jackets have been appealing to me a lot lately (ever since Starsky appeared on Knitty) I have a suspicion that, if I finally decide to knit one, I’ll pull together all the white aran jacket patterns I’ve liked the look of and this one won’t be the one I choose. But the other feature I like about it is the collar. It brought to mind an ad for Debbie Bliss patterns I saw recently:

I wonder if big round collars are going to be the ‘in’ thing next winter.