Birthday Socks/TARDIS Socks

Paul’s birthday has passed so I can now safely post pics of his birthday socks. First there was a plain pair:

Yarn: Wolle Rodel Sport & Strumpfwolle Extrastark. Pattern: My own toe-up version.


Yarn: Heirloom Jigsaw. Pattern: My own toe-up version with this chart (modified at the top).

I didn’t bother hiding the first pair, and knit the TARDIS socks up to the leg openly. Paul is used to me always knitting some sock or other. But I knit the legs of the TARDIS socks whenever he was out, which wasn’t as often as I needed, so I wound up giving them to him with the duplicate stitching on the second sock not finished yet. But he’s kind of used to occasionally receiving unfinished knitted presents, too. My back is too stuffed for deadline knitting.

I don’t think he minds, though. I had them finished by the end of his birthday day:

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