Beanie With A Brim

I finished this yesterday afternoon, after posting the list of fos for the year, so I had to go back and add a photo to the montage.

I’ve had the itch to knit a hat with a brim for a while now. I based the pattern on one in my old Patons books of hats, scarves and gloves.

The original has a lace leaf pattern. I changed it to a 2×2 cable twist with one purl between. After one repeat I added extra purl stitches between the cables, because I was hoping this would come out all poofy – something like a rasta hat or beret. But it turned out to be a snug fit. I didn’t dislike it that way, so I just ‘went with the flow’.

I left off the pom pom, too. The yarn is Bendigo Rustic 12ply in ‘midnight tweed’. I used some plastic lattice sheeting for tapestry work – bought at Lindcraft – to stiffen the brim.

Being an old fashioned pattern, the instructions are for flat knitting. Naturally I changed it to one knit in the round. I think if I did this again I’d also do a provisional cast on rather than have to stitch down the ribbing. I’d also pick up the stitches for the brim – and use a short row method to avoid seams at the sides of it.

Ah, seams. The things we learn out of the desire to avoid them!