Finished Objects of 2007

I’ve decided on a Knitting New Years Resolution. It’s actually quite shocking. I’m resolving to… knit less in 2008.

Why? Well, I knit a LOT in 2007. The reason for it was the house extension stress. I knit so much because it relieved some of the stress. And I was able to because my back wasn’t sore from working at the computer all day. The interruptions and distractions that meant I got less work done also meant my back was healthier in the evenings, when I do most of my knitting.

I’d really rather not have the stress that led to the knitting, and I’d really REALLY need to be getting some work done FAST, which should mean less knitting – at least in the first half of the year. Do I want to knit less? Well, not really. Especially not when there’s all that lovely stash to knit.

So, looking back at 2007, what did come off my needles, hooks and loom?

Nine garments – three vests, four cardys and two jumpers.

Eighteen pairs of socks. That’s not including the Flow Motion socks, which were frogged, and the socks I reknit the feet of for Dad. I might finish the beau’s latest pair by the end of the year, too. We’ll see.

A felted basket, a bag, six headscarves/headbands, one Totoro, ten hats/beanies, four scarves, five gloves, a pair of pillows and a 70s costume.

And I wove three scarves, two blankets, one table runner and three hand towels.

I’m amazed by the quantity of fos. Did I really make all this? No wonder my sock drawer is overflowing!

Favourite fo: The Sideways Spencer. It looks great, fits well and was a lot of fun to knit. The Sunrise Circle Jacket comes a close second.

Least favourite fo: I don’t particularly like the sari silk pillows. Too novelty-yarn-ish.

Favourite yarns used in 2007: Supreme Possum Merino, Socks That Rock, Jitterbug, Patons Inca.

Least favourite yarns used: Vero, Noro Silk Garden and Mega Boots Stretch contained knots followed by bad colour changes. Vero is also scratchy and appears to be felting and shrinking with wear! Regia Cotton Surf produced saggy, slightly scratchy socks.

Favourite patterns: Sideways Spencer, Sunrise Circle Jacket, Tomato, Kureopatoras Snake Scarf, Butterfly Bows socks.

Most successful design effort: Chocolate socks, Inca Vest, Viking Tree Rune Hat.

Biggest design stuff up: the Goldilocks Beanie came out smaller than I intended.

Best recycling effort: turning the Ribble Socks into wrist warmers and fingerless mitts.

Here are the links (so I can take them out of the sidebar):

Inca Vest
Chocolate Socks
Don’t Sweat It Socks
Felted Basket
Three Headscarves
Crochet Totoro
Wild Things Socks
Goldilocks Beanie
Sunset Hat
Manly Mega Socks
High Verocity Jumper
Stripey Crochet Hat
Stripey Crochet Bag
Purple Obsession Scarf
Grey Kimono Top
Banana Runna
This Ones For Me scarf
Blacksmith Socks
Violet Femme
Scrappy Socks #1
NSG Snake Scarf
Grease is the Word Beanies
Rosey Toes Socks
Purple Curly Whirly
Viking Tree Rune Hat
Sideways Spencer
Hello Possum Hat & Scarf
Holey Moley Fingerless Mitts
Mum’s Black Crochet Hat
Lazy Rib Fingerless Mitts
Handspun Mistake Rib Scarf
Re-soleables for the Beau
Mega Red Socks
Red Scrappy Socks
Sunrise Circle jacket
Ladylike Lace Gloves
Recycled Ribble Wristwarmers
Recycled Ribble Mittens
SC#1 Simple Ribbed Sock
Twirly Tam
Sari Silk Pillows
SC#2 Mosaic Socks
Black Crochet Headscarf
SC#3 Sideways Socks
Red Blanket
Gum Tree Blanket
SC#5 Butterfly Bows
Simple Garter Vest
SC#6 William Street Socks
Blue & Green Headbands
White Diamonds Scarf
Quick & Dirty Socks
Election Headband
SC#7 Hedera Socks
Mum’s Hand Towels
Diagonal Stitch Cardy
70s costume
Beanie With A Brim

2 thoughts on “Finished Objects of 2007

  1. That is one impressive list of accomplishments. I might have to take a rest just thinking about all the work you’ve done. Nothing like building works to really raise the stress levels.

  2. Wow!! You have made so many lovely things!! Such a lot of dedicated work!! The 9 garments is amazing. Truly!!!! Happy New Year and happy knitting in 2008.

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