Our Tank Filleth Over

This hasn’t been a good week for knit blogging.

Firstly, it’s been the first interruption-free, tradie-free week we’ve had for… longer than I can remember. So I actually been getting somewhere workwise. That can make my back a bit twingy, so I’m keeping my knitting or crochet time in the evenings short so I don’t add to the strain.

Secondly, all I’ve been working on is the costume for the 70s party. The Woodstock Duster just needs some ties and the ends sewn in, the cap is done, and the ‘flares’ to add to the legs of my old jeans are done but still need to be sewn in. I don’t want to take any photos until it’s finished.

Thirdly, we’ve had so many thunderstorms here I’ve been using the laptop on batteries so I don’t have to keep turning the computer on and off, and the laptop doesn’t have a good program for editing photos.

Fourthly, and with so much cloud and rain, the light hasn’t been great for taking photos anyway.

Yesterday we had a downpour so sudden and ferocious that the storm water drains were overwhelmed, our new guttering overflowed (it has little holes to prevent overflow going into the roof, thankfully), water lapped up against the side of the house and spilled into the kitchen a little, and we discovered that our extension leaks in three places.

Our new water tank filled so quickly the overflow wasn’t coping and it was pouring back out of the filter. But we have a full tank now! Woohoo!

Today we popped into an op shop to see if we could find costumey bits for the beau. Instead I found three balls of inca in a nice blue and a pair of wooden-soled cloglike shoes that’ll be perfect for my costume. As I plonked the yarn down in front of the stash I realised it’s nearly time for my regular six montly stash photo.

But it’ll have to wait until closer to the New Year. Or at least until this strange warm yet rainy weather passes and the light is better for photos.