Two FOs for the price of one!

I have two finished objects for you today. First, there’s the Diagonal Stitch Cardy. I finally sewed in the zipper this morning.

I like it, but it’s not quite what it pretends to be in the book. The photos with the pattern suggest a structural rigidity that I can’t imagine this yarn (Rowan All Season’s Cotton) ever achieving. I’ve probably knitted a half-size too large, which doesn’t help, but I don’t think a tighter fitting garment would have been any different. Cotton like this is drapey.

That said, I like it and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. Lightweight cardigans always come in handy during Melbourne summers and the neutral ‘cookie’ colourway will go with almost anything. And probably make me hungry all the time…

The second finished object I photographed is Tomato:

I gave up on the camera timer and went for the old fashioned ‘pic in the mirror’ shot. As you can see, I got three-quarter length sleeves out of the yarn. After trying it on I decided I liked them like that. And it gives me the excuse to make wrist warmers.

The thicker cotton (Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Organic Cotton) and tighter gauge means this garment holds its shape very well. The designer suggests ways to raise the neckline if knitters find it too daring, but on my chest there’s not much chance it’ll scandalize anyone! Because of the heaviness of the yarn I doubt I’ll ever wear it on days much warmer than low 20s, but it is nice to have a jumper I can wear against my skin for once.

So that’s two of my Knit From Your Books projects done, which means I’m halfway through. I’m having second thoughts about the Jo Sharp pattern I’ve chosen, and I don’t want to tackle the Snapping Turtle Skirt during summer, so I’ll probably start Sweetheart from Domiknitrix next.

Of course, now that I’ve spent an hour struggling with timers and lighting in the attempt to come up with some half-decent photos, the sun comes out.

2 thoughts on “Two FOs for the price of one!

  1. Love the Tomato – the colour is so vibrant and it looks a good fit. You have convinced me to give it a go.

  2. I love the three-quarter sleeves on Tomato; it really suits the style. Congratulations on getting two FOs at this time of year.

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