Pleasant Distractions

I’m not feeling too great today and it’s probably all my own fault. Too much crochet on the Woodstock Duster (it grows so fast it’s addictive!) has got my neck all out of whack and hurting. Too much rich restaurant, take-away and party food has got me an upset stomach. Too many late nights aren’t helping, either.

Tomato is finally dry. It’s raining. Both of these things are good, except that the latter means getting a decent photograph of the former will be too hard. Especially for a sick chocolatetrudi.

Kate_Knits_a_Bit of Knights [Don’t] Do Knit asked me for more details of my knitting Christmas list item #3, so I’ll distract myself by day-dreaming up the perfect sock knitting bag.

Firstly it would be just the right size for a sock project, containing needles, needle protector, sock in progress, one sock (for when I’m working on the second), pattern (folded) and yarn. It would be self-supporting, as in it won’t fall over ever time I tugged on the yarn. It would have a little loop or handle that I could slip around my wrist if I had to pick it up in a hurry.

Secondly it would be made of a fabric that the sock needles couldn’t poke through, robust enough to survive rubbing up against the rest of my handbag contents, and in a colour that wouldn’t show scuffs and dirt from living in my handbag or travelling about. Like a deep red, blue or green. Or even navy, chocolate or black.

Thirdly it would have a simple stylishness, whether plain or patterned. I’m not into flowers (except roses), hearts or girly girl sorts of things, but I do like simple graphic patterns or prints. In my imagination my perfect sock knitting bag has little ball and knitting needle designs on it, elegant cats, stars, or even skull and crossbones for a bit of piratey fun.

Now that my imagination is all stirred up, I can’t help wistfully picturing a little red bag with white edging and handle, with minis printed all over it. (The car, that is, not the skirt!) I seriously doubt there’s any fabric like that in the world, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

What would your perfect knitting bag look like?

5 thoughts on “Pleasant Distractions

  1. I saw some bags in in.cube8r this week that I thought would be perfect for sock knitting bags, one had ponies embroidered on it and the other cats.

    Also, Poppy (on lygon street in Carlton) has some little ladybird (shaped) bags that have little handles and are made of thick felt and don’t fall down.
    The Poppy Shop, 283 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC

  2. I liked reading the description of your perfect sock knitting bag! It sounds great! I use a little striped draw-string bag that once held baby pjs in it 🙂

  3. ps do you like to put your sock-on-needles into the bag so that the needles are standing up or lying down?

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