A few weeks back I had a bout of startitis. I had a couple of weekends free for crafting and went a bit overboard. Some of the projects were done in a day, or I finished them later, but other were added to a growing list of wips. Now I’m suddenly conscious of a deadline looming. When I go away for more than a fortnight or so, I tend to come back feeling little interest in projects I was working on before I left. So I need to finish them before I leave.

This has brought on bout of finishitis. Which inevitably involves a list:

Knitting, Crochet and Weaving:
Socks – the ones I’ve designed a heel for that doesn’t break up the sequence of graduated yarns
Sock bookmarks – I’ve made ten so far as gifts to take with me. How many do I need? Hmm…
Ode to the 80s jumper – the machine knitting project from a few weeks back. It’s 90% done. I’ve been hesitating to finish it, though, because I had to admit to myself that I’m not happy with the shape and fit. I really like the way the yarn knits up, and I can now see the garment it should be.
Plaited silk scarf – haven’t got far into this. Tempted to frog.
Crochet sampler blanket – been in hibernation for some time now. I’ve come to the conclusion I don’t want to do a full bed-sized blanket. Just need to do a few more squares so I can sew it up into a knee rug.
Green scarf – on the rigid heddle loom. Using handspun yarn from a scarf I frogged, so unfortunately it isn’t going to reduce the stash total.

Sewing, Refashioning and Anything Else
Red dress into top – um… well… not going to happen unless I lose some weight, because right now I look like a stuffed sausage in it.
Brown Jacket from Pants – a project I started the weekend before last. I need to buy some black cotton fabric. Or do I…? (eyeing fabric put aside for book cloth)
Table mats – japanese print quilting squares that I just need to hem.
Silk scarves – I need to hem five of the scarves I dyed recently. It’s a job I loathe. Last night I did the smallest one and it took 2 1/2 hours. I had to use sticky tape to hold the hem as I stitched it. Blargh!
Fair Isle Bag – from the abandoned vest.
Painted canvas bag – attach handles.
House Slippers – attach soles.

There are some projects I haven’t started, that I’d like to do before I go. I’d like to weave another loopy mobius scarf. I’d like to start and finish knitting another pair of socks. And I’d like to bring out my bookbinding tools and materials and make a sketchbook to take away with me. And maybe some mini book pendants to give away as gifts. And the big loom is looking a bit naked and forlorn without a warp on it…

But I’m holding back starting anything until I can get the list above reduced. Well, except maybe a pair of socks. I do like to have one pair going at all times.

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  1. Gosh that’s a bit of a list. Don’t forget the packing, eating and sleeping bits!

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