Frogging, Tinking and a Little Plane Knitting

Mum and Dad came over on Friday, so I got Mum to try on the Lallans hat. It was waaay too big on her as well. So now it is this:

I’ll try knitting it again. At least I know how the pattern works now, and making smaller hats is faster. Only trouble is, Mum wants one now so I’ll have to knit two!

The second headband I knit was a success, however:

Knit from the leftover Colinette sock yarn that was supposed to be machine wash, but felted ‘like the clappers’ (as they say). These little headbands are a great way to use up leftover sock yarn.

My attempts to find a way to knit a sock with a heel that won’t break the smooth colour transition up in a graduated yarn have resulted in a lot of tinking and reknitting. The yarn is getting fuzzy and I’m a bit sick of the sight of it. But last night I think I may have finally succeeded. More on that in another post.

Before the trip and on the way back from Adelaide I knit sock bookmarks:

They’re fun and take me less than an hour each. I’m making them as gifts. They’re also good for using up little balls of leftover sock yarn, but not good for reducing stash because I don’t count little balls of leftover sock yarn in my stash total.

Our weekends for the next few months have been filling up with an unusual number of social and work commitments. While it’s all good, fun stuff a part of me is sulking at the reduced crafting time. When am I going to get my Projects for 2011 done? Still, there are a few weekends where Paul is busy but I am not. I’ll be making big crafty plans for them.

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  1. Oh, I can really relate. I hate it when there are too many social engagements (my projects! my precious projects!), and then I hate myself a little bit for my “bad attitude”.

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