Shirt into a Dress Refashion

Erm. Sorry. Yes, it’s another refashion project. You must be getting sick of them by now. Trouble is, it’s where my creative ideas keep taking me at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get over it. Just as soon as I do that skirt to top one. And another shirt to sleeveless top. And figure out what to make out of the rest of the shirts and t-shirts.

Today’s refashion is a shirt that I’d planned to turn into a skirt. I liked the stripy button bands, and the textured cotton fabric:

But another idea hijacked it: could I make it into a shirt dress? It certainly was long enough. So I laid a shirt dress I’d bought recently on top and started drawing lines with white tailor’s chalk, marking armholes, bust line, etc..

Off came the sleeves.

I got pinning. For this I really needed the dress form, and it was the first time I’d really used it for the purpose it was intended. I could pinch in the fabric where I wanted darts and seams. I’d removed the pockets because they had been right where the bust shaping would go, and now I could see if the new placement looked okay.

Much better than trying on the garment constantly, all the while sticking pins into myself.

By the end of the first session I had it pinned and cut ready for sewing. It wasn’t until today that I had a chance to bring out the sewing machine. I was really pleased to find that the dress form was fairly accurate, so far as positioning of darts goes. The only adjustment I had to make afterwards was to cinch in the darts on the back at the waist a bit more. I’m amazed that I got the armhole, with dart, perfect first go. I also added a buttonhole at the bottom of the band, utilising the spare button that was still attached to the inside of the shirt.

Here’s the finished dress – front:

And back:

I was so pleased with the result, I got Paul to take photos of me wearing it this time, rather than just snapping it on the dress form. Though I’m not sure how he feels about me turning his old clothes into things for me to wear – his reaction was somewhat bemused.