Finished Projects – Loom Stand

I’m going to skip Sketch Sunday this week and maybe next week, too, because I’m proofing a copy edit of a book in a shorter than usual time and it’ll be easier to do a few sketches to catch up when I have more free time again. In the meantime, I have a few partly prepared posts I can publish.

Here’s the mostly finished loom stand:

We still have to make and attach pedals, but for now I can continue using the lever system to move the shafts. I’m halfway through tying on a warp, and I’m finding that having the ends hang instead of piling up on a table beneath makes them easier to handle. It’s also much more comfortable to sit at the loom, because there’s room to get my knees under the front beam.

I’m really happy with how it came out. I can get to the shelving beside it much easier than I could get to it when there was a big table in front. But the workroom cleanup has a long way to go yet. I still have a lot of projects to tackle in order to get more stuff off the floor, and some of them are big. And, as I said at the start, work is eating up most of my time at the moment.