Refashion: Skirt into a Skirt – and Top

On Saturday I joined some friends for another Craft Day. I got stuck into the last refashion project I’d lined up for myself – turning these skirts into one less bulky, lined skirt:

Once I cut off the waistbands the skirts were crazy wide. I had to stretch my arms as far apart as I could to get the skirt stretched between my two hands! No wonder they were so bulky at the waist. A few snips later and I had cut both skirts in half vertically. Then I sewed a new side seam for both. I decided I didn’t need to add darts because the material is very thin and I guessed that I wouldn’t have the same problem with bulky gathers at the waist with half the fabric. So I put the plain one against the flowery one to form a lining, folded down the top to make a new waistband and reused a drawstring.

Ta-da! New lined skirt that, in addition, is shorter so I won’t trip up the stairs any more:

But that’s not all. I still had time to fill and half of both skirts’ fabric was left over. I flattened it out and did some measuring and thinking, and decided it was worth seeing if I could make a peasant top, using the plain fabric as a lining again. So I got cutting and sewing, and grabbed some elastic from my sewing box…

Wa-la! New top from the skirt leftovers. Comfortable and cool for summer:

The two pieces will be worn separately, however. Together, the effect is a bit overwhelming!

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