Heavy Thoughts

Monday being the day that residents arrive and leave the writers retreat, I spent some time yesterday doing a mental tally of the additions and subtractions from my luggage and the overall effect this might have on its weight when I go next week. (Bear with me, this does relate to knitting. And chocolate.)

I removed six books. I bought three. One of the books I bought I suspect the beau already owns, so maybe I could give it away or something.

I brought one block of chocolate (eaten) then bought two more and was gifted a chocolate rat. Clearly to reduce weight I need to eat all the chocolate. (I so love that sentence, taken out of context.)

I bought 400g of yarn and was gifted 200g. Unfortunately knitting faster or more is not going to reduce weight as I still have to transport the finished object. Or perhaps that should be ‘fortunately’, considering my time here should be spent writing, not knitting. But then it occured to me that if I knit something as a gift I don’t have to pack it. Something fast, so not sock yarn. The only yarn I have that qualifies is the baby alpaca.

Then I realised frantically knitting up the yarn I’d just bought for myself, in order to gift it to who-knows-who, only to reduce my luggage weight by 100 g might be taking the weight reduction thing a little too far.

(BTW, the chocolate rat is delicious, Kate. And I’ve got just the right project waiting in the wings for that yarn.)

2 thoughts on “Heavy Thoughts

  1. On my recent trip, I acquired some fragile items that were bulky, so I shipped them. I threw my yarn in there too – no worries about weight restrictions in luggage!

  2. Yes, yarn does make great padding! Bulk isn’t what I was trying to reduce, though. Weight is. And unfortunately weight is what makes postage expensive. If what I take out is going to make enough of an impact, then it’s going to cost lots to post.

    But I think I’ll be okay. I’ve recovered a lot since I wrote that post and even got some exercise, so I’m not as worried about managing the bag.

    Thanks for the advice!

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