Masquerade Booked

Last week we bought tickets to a masquerade ball. I got to thinking of masks I could make. The quickest and easiest idea was to buying one of those blank masks and paint it, the most elaborate involved making the mask from scratch.

The only trouble with those ideas is, I wear glasses. So I decided the best way around this was one of those masks on a stick rather than one attached to my face. Since that meant it didn’t have to conform to the shape of my face, I knew exactly what I wanted to do:

The cover was really easy. Of course, I had to make it a real book, with pages:

Unfortunately, it’s proven difficult getting the pages to stay open and flat. I tried a couple of different things, but the most effective has been plain old paper clips.

I might see if I can get people to write things inside the book, to make it a memento of the night. It folds closed, so I’ll be able to pop it in my book bag once I’m tired of carrying it around. I’m also looking for an old ariel or some other kind of ‘stick’ that can collapse down small enough to go in the bag, too.