Twill Blanket #2

Lately, the view outside my workroom window has often been like this:


So it’s been a good time of year to have finished this:


Twill Blanket #2 has eucalyptus dyed Cleckheaton Country for the warp, and Patons Vintage Hues for the weft. For more details, see this post.


It’s a longer blanket than Twill Blanket #1, which means it can be wrapped around the shoulders, or folded in half and used as a knee rug.

I’m now torn between starting Twill Blanket #3, or making another Denim Rag Rug. The twill one would use up more of my yarn stash, and it would be good to do the more complicated twill I’m planning while the twilliness is fresh in my mind. But I’m feeling a little ‘over’ twill right now, and a rag rug would be a nice change.