New Weaving Projects

Last week I wound the warp for the next twill blanket. Instead of winding the yarn into balls first, I wound it straight onto the warping board:


Over the weekend I tied the warp to the table loom and started weaving. I wanted a 3 x 1 twill this time, and to change direction so it zig zagged. I also decided to alternate between 3 x 1 and 1 x 3, so I decided to zig with one and zag with the other. My first try had 9 shots of each:


But I decided this made stripes that were so narrow they cancelled out the graduating effect of the yarn colours. So I tried again with 17 shots of each:


I’m liking that a lot more.

I also warped up the rigid heddle for the second bamboo scarf:


Remember how I said I kept the full balls for the weft because the yarn was too slippery for cut ends to stay put? Well, it turned out the second ball had two knots in it. No avoiding of cut ends. So I’ve been thinking about how I could get around this, and I’ve decided that I’ll leave the ends hanging, and put a bead and a knot on them. And rather than having just two of these, I’ll cut the weft at intervals so the beads are spread all over the scarf.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be one of those time when fixing a flaw leads to a better result?