There Has Been Knitting


The Ivy League Vest is growing very slowly. Well, it’s not the best knitting to be doing when your head is all fuzzy with a cold, and it required constant attention so not good when your back is out. Every time I knit a few rows I frog a few rows. And the prospect of knitting a few rows and then frogging a few rows has me reaching for this instead:


The current Socks For Others socks. These are going slowly, too. But I’m on the home stretch now that my back is better, and with the cold gone I should be able to get stuck into the vest again, too.

I must admit, knitting hasn’t been thrilling me lately. I’m blaming it on several things. Firstly, my attention is obviously being attracted to other things (bookbinding, weaving, etc.). Secondly, browsing the knitterly web isn’t getting me all enthused as it used to be. That’s partly because there’s so much lace knitting going on. I’m not a shawl-wearing sort of person and lace and lace knitting is just not my thing. Not even these mini shawls. I know the way people wear them, with the point at the front, is the latest trend, but to me looks like they’re wearing a bib!

The latest trends and looks are the other reason I’m not thrilled by what I’m seeing in magazines or Rav or whatever. They’re all a bit frumpy right now. All fine yarn, complicated stitch patterns and unflattering styles. Oddly, this makes me want to snub my nose at fashion and knit a big cosy wear-at-home sort of jumper. In bulky wool. In plain stocking stitch.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I have knitwear overload in my wardrobe. I really don’t need more jumpers, cardigans, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. And that keeps swinging me around to weaving blankets and floor rugs. The former is great for using up stash and are wonderful gifts, the latter is something I don’t have too many of (yet).

But I expect the knitting mojo will return. It always does. I have some non-frumpy patterns matched up with stash yarn in my Rav queue, and while I’m not planning to go to the Bendigo Sheep show, and I’ve culled quite a bit from my stash lately, there’s still plenty of yarn here to keep me in knitting for a long time yet.

2 thoughts on “There Has Been Knitting

  1. Glad you are back to knitting, the projects are beautiful, especially the Fair Isle. I don’t know how you are even trying that with a cold. Keeping up with all the charting is so mind numbing.

  2. Nice socks 😉

    It’s funny, I’m currently knitting that ‘min-shawl’ everyone else is knitting.

    Now I love the look of knitted lace, but I don’t seem to be much good at knitting it. Far too much tinking and frogging going on. But I keep picking up lace patterns…sucker for punishment, I guess.

    Unfortunately, it’s throwing out my gift-making schedule!

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