Six Wierd Things About Me

Okay Peeve. Just for you. Just this once:

1. I can move my eyebrows separately. This is very useful for entertaining small children. Or adults with the minds of small children. Or adults who are really drunk.

2. When I was a child one of my favourite activities was tangling up a ball of yarn then untangling it again. It made me very useful to my knitting and crocheting relatives. Kept me quiet for hours.

3. I cannot abide the taste and smell of celery. Or coffee.

4. Nothing makes my stomach turn more than crumbs and smudges of other condiments in the butter, jam, peanut butter, vegemite, etc. I will scrape out these alien substances if I find them.

5. No matter where I am or what precautions I take, if there’s a ball sport being played nearby the ball will inevitably find my head. At high speed. I’ve been concussed enough times that I get chills if anyone near me says “Hey! Let’s play cricket!”

6. I absolutely love those little plastic soy sauce fish you get with sushi. (If you get hold of any, save them for me won’t you?)

2 thoughts on “Six Wierd Things About Me

  1. I am so with you on number 5. For years I felt as if there was a target painted on me. Every time I walked passed a game involving a ball, thwack, I’d be hit.

  2. you know where I see those little fish that have the soy sauce in them? international flights to japan! unfortunately I won’t be going to japan for a while, but if I find anymore then of course i’ll send ’em to ya!

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