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Yep, two posts in one day.

I have a few FOs! First, I finished the first chocolate sock in The Knittery cashmere sock yarn. It came out a bit shorter than the white chocolate sock, and not just because I skipped the last repeat.

This is going to be a very warm sock! I can add my corrections to the pattern now, and hand it out to my volunteer test knitters.

Of course, I had to cast on another sock. Since I’ve been feeling a bit poorly and needed something mentally and physically unchallenging – and instantly satisfying, I grabbed the yarn that Lynne dyed up. This is clever stuff. There’s a varigated yarn for the toe and heel, and a stripey yarn for the foot and leg. And some of the stripes are varigated. Very entertaining yarn, and just the sort of knitting I need right now.

You may have noticed the dpn cover. Having seen the expensive metal versions on other blogs, I decided to try making my own. I got the plastic pipe from Bunnings. With a craft knife I cut a long elipse for the sock to hang out of, then cut from the end of it to the edge of the tube so I can slide the dpns inside.

It probably wouldn’t protect the needles if someone sat on it the wrong way, but it’ll do for my handbag.

Finally, I knit up another baby wash glove in Katia Jamaica. I love the colours of this yarn. Pity it’s so darn expensive. When I’ve used up this ball I’m going to get some Bendy 8ply cotton and dye it up myself.

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  1. Excellent idea for the needle protectors. I’m always losing stitches in my bag, well, at least I’m losing them from the needles!

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