Happy Birthday to me!

The beau was away most of the weekend, so to keep myself entertained while not doing too much of anything that might make my hands sorer, I did a little bit of a lot of things:

I wove a bit. I sewed a bit. This resulted in a FO:

The mocha chocolate blanket is done. (I can see now that taking a pic outside has resulted in an overly contrasty photo. But can’t be bothered rephotographing it.)

I spun a bit. I read a bit. I tried felting with fleece for the first time. I also knit a bit.

I figure if I can do one repeat each on the chocolate socks and Zhivago top each day I’ll have them both done by the end of the week. Well, that does depend if I get stuck in the Zhivago top collar black hole again.

Today is my birthday. A few years off mumbleth, but it’s getting closer. I had to show off what my beau got me:

Very cool baking trays made of silicon. They’re red, so they match our kitchen nicely. And they’re bendy. See:

No more muffins, pies and cakes stuck to the pan. That’s the theory, anyway. They’re heatproof to 240°C and still need a bit of greasing. There is something a bit disturbing about baking in plastic, but we’re willing to give it a go.

(For the first few years of our romance the beau and I gave each other power tools, which we are both use just as often as each other. Now we seem to be giving each other kitchen appliances… which we both use as often as each other. Paul tends to make cookies and muffins, while I favour slices and the occasional cake.)

Along with bakeware came these:

Six blocks of my favourite chocolate. Last year the beau gave me a box of them. A year’s supply. Except I managed to eat it all within six months. It’s just too nice, I’m afraid.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. yay to everything, including cooking in soft glass.

    IOU something birthdayish someday. Either that or I’ll eat more of your chocolate in celebration. I’m very clever at eating other people’s chocolate.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Yay, bendy baking pans! My parents have a few of those, and they are very fun to cook with.

  3. Happy birthday! Be sure to grease them, they are NOT non-stick regardless of what it says.

  4. You know that red goes faster, don’t you? So any baked goodies will not last long!!
    Happy B’day to you – what more could anyone ask for than dark chocky???

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