More shopping…

I’d tried Spotlight and Lindcraft with no success, so it was time to call my closest LYS, The Wool Shop in Surrey Hills. They said yes, they had some cream Patonyle. They said they would put it aside on the counter for me. So, you see, there was no avoiding it. That one skein was sitting there, waiting for its owner to claim it. I had to go yarn shopping. Honest. No choice.

Surrey Hills isn’t a long way away, but neither is it close. So of course, to make the trip worthwhile I had to look around the shop. It’s a nice little shop, with a good mix of yarn. Some novelty yarn for those so inclined. Some hanks of hand-dyed stuff hanging from a hat rack for those with huge budgets. Some Jo Sharp. The usual range of Patons/Cleckheaton/Panda yarn. A bit of sock yarn (Patonyle, St. Ives and some self-patterning stuff). And then there was the Naturally yarn.

I seem to remember this NZ company produced a possum mix yarn I used to covet (and then put aside reluctantly once I worked out how much it would cost to make anything out of it).

There was no sign of possum yarn. It was the cashmere yarn that got my attention. It’s called “Me”. (The shop’s sign read “Me! Me! Me!”) Then the angora merino mix jumped into my hands. But then I saw the price and put them both back before I passed out. Then I found the “Merino et Soie”, 70% merino/30% silk. It’s as soft as butter. The shopkeeper saw me fondling it and offered me a discount so I could ‘try it out’.

To turn her down would have been rude, wouldn’t it?