The beau and I have skin allergies, and recently he was advised to change from soap to a hypo-allergic liquid body wash. I used to use one, and found those scrunchy net thingys were great for getting body wash to foam and spread. But they’re plastic – not great on already irritated skin.

I thought about knitting up some cotton washcloths. Then I thought: “hey, what if I made a cotton version of one of those scrunchy net thingys?”. And then I thought: “that’ll be really hard on the hands to knit. What if I crochet it instead?”.

Behold the Scrub:

Which I tried this morning. It worked… okayish. If I make another one, I’ll try making it nettier and a bit bigger.

Chocolate socks are progressing. I knit a swatch in the round, then yesterday I started a sock. I’m almost at the heel. Not sure what I think yet. I’ll reserve my opinion until I finish one.

On Saturday I found a book of knitting stitch patterns in an op shop. Flicking through, I stopped at a lace one that looked like rose buds. And then I looked at the roses sock yarn colourway from the Knittery sitting on my coffee table. Then I muttered a curse under my breath, because it was the second sock design (other than the chocolate socks) that came to me over the weekend. The other one is a woodgrain texture idea I had for the Lisa Souza mahogany sock yarn (the one I first attempted Snicket in).

I wanna knit socks! But I wanna finish my Zhivago top, too! Argh! Too much knitting to do!

And it seems to take less and less time for my hands and wrists to start hurting. Sometimes only an hour. Does anyone else get knitting aches and pains? How do you treat it?

6 thoughts on “Scrub!

  1. Yes, I do knit till my writs hurt – I push through that but when my fingers start to ache I have to put it down. Sadly, the only way I’ve found to cope is to slow down for a couple of days. I have found switching my mouse at work to the left has worked well too.

  2. Also, wanted to ask you about the knitting items for cleaning. How does the sponge live up to use?

  3. The sponge? Do you mean the dishcloth? I like it. I’m a bit fussy about dishcloths. I hate chux because while they do pick up particles, they don’t let them go again and you soon end up with just netting with rotting food in it. Same with ‘swiss cheese’ style sponges. I’d been using a smooth, thin style sponge before trying the knitted dishcloth.

    The KD does occasionally hold onto particles a bit, but being able to chuck it in the wash with the tea towels makes up for that. And the knitted texture helps to scour off built up guff without scratching anything.

  4. I just dunno – I’m more than happy to just chuck a disposable sponge – that’s not very environmentally sounf of me I know. I think maybe I’m totally not used to a dishcloth that you wash. (And this then translates over to the sponge too)

  5. Oooh, knitty ideas! Sounds fab!
    Must get me some work. I need money so that I can buy yarn and then never ever do anything with it. Hmm, that doesn’t make much sense.
    I’ve not used soap in years. Body washes seem better for my skin too *and* they don’t make anywhere near as much soap scum! = less cleaning the shower! Hooray!
    Hopefully I’ll be able to call you tonight. Report is due today so I’ll have some extra time….

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