There are SEX shops in Canberra!

My friends in Canberra took me to a yarn store on Friday. I think it was called Stitch ‘N Time. It was stocked with quite a good range – including lots of Italian wool.

I bought 500 grams of Vero, an Italian wool.

I want to see if I can come up with a pattern that shows the colours as a gradual change, rather than stripes across the body. That probably means knitting narrow strips.

I also picked up some Corridale Clip on special, and navy St Ives yarn for socks for the beau.

And then I discovered this when I got home:

My Neopolitan Pomatomus Icecream socks bled when they were washed. I’m not overly fussed about it, but I thought I should mention it. The dark chocolate bits have lightened to milk chocolate.

Mmmm. Chocolate…

3 thoughts on “There are SEX shops in Canberra!

  1. I think I just ordered that same yarn, thanks for the heads up. The pair I knitted for the bf bled too – they just came out o the wash all, well, washed out.

  2. Lol fitnit!

    I have another ball of yarn from that seller. I might knit a swatch and wash it. Then, if it bleeds, I’ll try dousing it in vinegar.

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